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Bhagawan Shri Ramkrishna Paramahansa was a divine incarnation  who manifested himself in the holy land of Bharatvarsha in the nineteenth century. He was the most revered  Guru of Swami Vivekananda, the spiritual giant  who revived the Hindu faith and gave the gift of Vedant to the Western World. Swamiji  himself has described his master’s greatness in the following words- One glance of his gracious eyes can create a hundred thousand Vivekanandas! What greater tribute can be paid to Shri Ramkrishna?

It was the power of Shri Ramkrishna, working through Vivekananda, which gave the message of Sanatan Vaidic Dharma to the entire world. ‘ Atmano Mokshay, parahitaya cha’ ‘ Work for the welfare of the world, even as you continue your spiritual practice’ was the novel mantra that he preached and practised.

To   propogate the teachings  of Shri Ramkrishna and Swami Vivekanand, few like-minded persons in Nashik have founded an institution – ‘Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Ashram’. This institution has been working under the guidance of Belur Math, Kolkata for the past 12 years, organising several social welfare projects.  The Ashram is currently holding its services in a small place at Chandshi, near Nashik. For further expansion, the Ashram has purchased a  3 Acre piece of land in a scenic area, conducive to spiritual practice, at village Talwade, near Trimbakeshwar where the construction of full fledged Ashram premises is already under way. The ‘Sadhu-Gram’ section is nearly complete. Thakurji's temple, meeting hall and other buildings will be completed in near future.


The cost of the entire project is  Rs. 4 to 5 crores.  We seek the financial help of generous and devoted individuals and organizations for the completion of this divine project.

We make an earnest appeal to your generosity and seek your contribution. You may send your cheque to the following address. All donations are  eligible for  Income Tax  Exemption under Act 80 G.

Office Address-

Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Ashram, Nashik.
C/O Nandita Estates, Pvt Ltd.
203, Guru Ashish, Cananda Corner,
Sharanpur Road, Nashik.